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Solutions for Any
Technology Segment

Amaara Networks is your global solutions and service provider. Our ability to deliver our solutions and services globally gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. Recently expanding our footprint to India gives us the ability to provide our services to our clients in India and the other APAC regions. Our engineers bring a combined experience of over 30 years in Enterprise Solutions offerings.

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High Performance Computing

Hyper-Scale Computing is for those who have to compute vast amounts of data and run calculations in parallel to solve complicated problems in the fastest amount of time. We have helped companies in this sector surpass the competition by helping them on the journey to level 5 fully autonomous.


Amaara Networks delivers next-generation cybersecurity solutions to protect your data, users, and systems from cyber threats both internal and external. Whether your needs are on premises or in the cloud, we have solutions to meet your data protection needs.

Autonomous Driving

It is a race to develop the most robust set of technologies that will enable this industry to the next level. As technology grows in this space, we are empowering our customers in this industry by helping them solve these challenges. We have helped companies in this sector surpass the competition by helping them on the journey to level 5 fully autonomous.

Cloud Computing

Leased out compute/storage and networking I/O for all your workloads for a global reach. This makes it easier for small businesses and startups in the likes that they will not have to buy expensive infrastructure equipment and stand up a data center.

Artificial Intelligence

See how AI is being implemented across all industries. Let us help you put the right technologies in precisely the right places to implement your strategy. Many tools and many companies are seizing this to make their businesses run more agile and better serve their customers.

Big Data

Let Amaara Networks guide you on your journey in managing and making use of your Big Data Projects with the right technologies. We help guide you in right-sizing your environment and implement frameworks to better manage all this data through its life cycle.

Client Services

Your users want the flexibility to do their jobs where they want and on the most productive device possible —whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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