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Client Mobility

The challenge that many are experiencing is that current data collection technology is not fast enough and thus not have the capacity to store the huge amounts of data being collected for development analysis and inference training efforts.

Image by Andres Urena

Amaara Networks Transporter Box is specially designed for Data Collection purposes for the Automotive industry and also in use where a strong built and reinforced storage collection device is needed. In addition, the same solution can be used for IoT (Internet of Things) devices that have the same performance and storage capacity requirements.


Data collection requirements are ever-expanding. The better the sensors get in the car, the more data there is to collect and process. We help our customers develop their data collection solutions from this perspective so that they are more agile and faster to market than their competition. Our solution not only helps them collect data at a much faster rate but also enables them to have longer collection periods. This is huge as the test cars equipped with the latest sensors are able to stay out longer collecting valuable data. Our Transporter Box can be installed inside a vehicle or at the data center depending on the design and requirements. It comes in a Pedestal form factor and a rack-mount form factor.


The data collected can be transported to local hubs where the data injection takes place. We guide you and walk you through the design process of collecting the data and also make it available for high-speed throughput to upload to your development infrastructure.

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