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Assessment Services

Amaara Networks specializes in data center assessments, on-site inventory, and asset management. 

Our certified engineers are able to fully determine the amount of Power, Space, and Cooling required for each data center solution. In addition, our team will capture all of the assets, serial numbers, and rack elevation to bring awareness of your real-time investments. 

Data on a Touch Pad

The Assessment Services Include:


We will fully populate the support portal with all of your inventory and important information that you may require to manage your list of devices at each data center. 

We bring ease to managing the expiration dates and warranty status of any hardware components.

For engineering and research-focused projects, we have also implemented custom solutions that keep track of the inventory with a scheduling function so your team can reserve and check out equipment or clusters of a pre-defined test environment. 

The equipment no longer in use for a specific project can easily be repurposed for other functions saving costs in your IT budget allowing you to focus on new and higher priority business needs.

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