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Products for IT

Amaara Networks is your global solutions and service provider. 

Our enterprise grade products are able to meet virtually any project work load. Whether your project is supporting cloud compute or hefty AI workloads which require GPU solutions, Amaara Networks has a product for you.  With over 30 years of combined engineering experience, our teams can adapt or customize any model to meet your project or environments unique needs.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Enterprise Compute

Getting the infrastructure just right to support your most demanding applications is part art and part science. Amaara Networks can help you strike the right balance when it comes to one of the most crucial parts: the virtual and physical compute/server elements most responsible for rapid-fire processing.​

Open Air Cooled Systems

One of the main advantages of open air-cooled systems is that they are typically less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional cooling systems. They also don't require the energy consumption of air conditioning systems. 

Let Amaara assess if Open Air Cooled Systems are for you.


Cyber threats are constantly evolving and emerging which makes it one of the most rapidly changing segments of the IT industry. With ransomware on the rise and new hidden threats that stay behind the scenes scraping your most critical IP data, Amaara Networks has a complete suite of solutions for your cybersecurity needs both on-prem or in the cloud.

Enterprise GPU

Graphics Processing Units in enterprise environments accelerate the performance of computationally intensive tasks such as Machine Learning, Articiial Intelligence, Scientific Simulations, and Data Analytics. Amaara has low-cost scalable enterprise grade GPU solutions both rack-mountable and standalone workstations, or custom.


The Server racks and power supplies themselves may not be exciting, but they represent the lifeblood and physical blueprint of the modern data center. Build a dense, power-efficient data center. From server racks to UPS and PDU, we are here to help.

Audio & Video

Modern audio and video technology refers to the digital systems and techniques used for capturing, processing, storing, and transmitting audio and video content. This includes a wide range of devices and software, such as cameras, microphones, editing software, and streaming platforms.

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise storage is a necessary foundation for any advanced data center. From right-sized provisioning to ongoing storage management, our experts can help streamline your current systems, provide backups, and cloud migration. Scalable Flash, JBODs, Storage Arrays, and Storage Compute are just the beginning of our Storage Product Lines.


Your network is your digital nervous system. Amaara Networks can help keep it running smoothly. Network infrastructures are a fact of life in the modern data center, yet the underlying network supporting all your data traffic may not always get the attention it deserves.

Client Mobility

Client mobility refers to the ability of clients (such as computers, mobile devices, or other internet-enabled devices) to move between different network connections or locations while maintaining access to their applications and data. This allows users to be productive and stay connected to their work and personal lives regardless of their physical location.

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