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Services for the Future

Amaara Networks employs experienced consultants, engineers, project managers and support and logistics specialists who help ensure the effective design, implementation, management and support of business-enabling technologies.

Shaking Hands

Rack Integration

Rack Integration Services are an essential part of IT infrastructure that allow organizations to streamline their hardware setup, improve network performance, and reduce downtime. Click below to learn more about our Rack Integration Services

On-Site Support (99999)

Many times procurement teams are faced with extreme tight timelines to meet the project deadlines. Especially when it comes to shipping (Hardware & Software) overseas. Our ability to procure hardware & software in the respective countries offers benefits to our clients.

Staff Augmentation

Finding the right people is a challenging task for every organization. It can take weeks or months to qualify new team members. Amaara Networks helps its clients with short term and long-term projects with a fully trained staff of IT professionals within days and weeks.

Proof of Concept

Once a solution is designed, your organization may require a proof of concept (POC). Budgets, timetables, and careers may be at stake as technologies are chosen and committed to. Proper integration of hardware, operating systems, and applications becomes essential, as does the performance of the entire solution working together.

Service Level Agreement

Looking for a reliable IT service provider? Our IT service-level agreement (SLA) guarantees the level of service you can expect and holds us accountable for delivering it. With our SLA, you can have peace of mind knowing that your IT needs are in good hands. Contact us now to learn more.

Assessment Services

We can fully determine the amounts of Power, Space, Cooling our enterprise data center solutions will be requiring. As part of our Amaara support services we will keep track of all your assets located at your sites.

Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Management streamlines IT hardware repairs. We manage inventory, procurement, storage and provide end-of-life support for replacement parts. Improve IT performance and reduce downtime with our reliable management program.


Proudly offering low-cost custom SLA agreements that can maximize the lifetime of existing hardware, maximizing any IT budget.


Amaara celebrates its success by providing world class onsite support to its global customers a fraction of the cost traditional support providers offer. 

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