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About Us

Our History and Mission

Founded in 2015; Our mission, is to enhance business success globally by offering innovative and dependable IT solutions that increase efficiency, productivity and growth.

We aim to deliver top-notch customer service and continuously exceed client expectations with constant improvement and a dedication to excellence in procurement, system integration, engineering and on-site support worldwide.

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Our Presence, Support and Culture

Headquarterd in the Silicon Valley, Amaara Networks has grown globally to serve its customers in India, China, Israel, and Australia.


Our commitment is to offer the same experience and level of support to our customers locally in their respective countries.

Amaara Networks is fortunate to build a team of individuals who share the same common goal, professionally. These team members bring, love, passion, and joy to Amaara every day to be successful and to grow together.
Our culture is to empower each other professionally as we evolve and adapt. 
Our team loves monthly poker tournaments, off-site Lunch & Learn, and hosting a monthly happy hour at a new restaurant. This brings happiness to everyone at Amaara Networks and to our clients beyond.

Leadership Team

Years of Quality & Service Excellence

Mirrored Site Capabilities - Single Point of Contact - Global Business Management - Global Logistics Advantage - Rapid Response Time & Support

Founded: Amaara Networks Inc filed in 2015

Progress: Triple Digit Growth 3 Consecutive Years

Regional Headquarters:

  • Livermore, California (Americas)

  • Danville, California (Americas)

  • Israel (EMEA)

  • Rohini, New Delhi (APAC)

  • Suzhou, China (APAC)

  • Australia (APAC)

Employees: 38

Certifications: CA SB Certified

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